Other projects

Variety of older projects done between 2007 and 2014. 

Here are some highlights: 

  • A sword closely inspired by a 10th - 11th century find from Suontaka, Finnland with a richly ornamented bronze hilt in the Urnes style. The pommel and crossguard is fairly large, but hollow (as the original) so it is fairly lively in the hand. This was the first sword I used 3d modeling and printing as a basis for the ornamented parts. 

  • A blunt 14th century falchion done as an experiment to see if you could create wide blades for re-enactment fighting that is not to heavy to fight with. The result is a sword that is 72cm long with a blade that is 4.5 cm wide at the base and 6 cm wide at the widest. It weights 1098g and was a successful experiment.  

  • A large one edged viking sword, also meant for re-enactment fighting. This is close to the size of the original swords and was a reaction to the rather small one-edged swords that you usually find in the re-enactment society. 

  • A sword from the 10th century found at Vigdal Norde in Skaun, Norway. It has an unusual pommel with a face on it and a clear eastern inspiration.