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Other projects

Variety of older projects done between 2007 and 2014. 

Here are some highlights: 

  • A blunt 14th century falchion done as an experiment to see if you could create wide blades for re-enactment fighting that is not to heavy to fight with. The result is a sword that is 72cm long with a blade that is 4.5 cm wide at the base and 6 cm wide at the widest. It weights 1098g and was a successful experiment.  

  • A large one edged viking sword, also meant for re-enactment fighting. This is close to the size of the original swords and was a reaction to the rather small one-edged swords that you usually find in the re-enactment society. 

  • A sword from the 10th century found at Vigdal Norde in Skaun, Norway. It has an unusual pommel with a face on it and a clear eastern inspiration. 

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