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My name is Nils Anderssen and I have worked with re-creating artifacts for collectors and museums since 2005. I mainly focus on recreating swords based on originals, but occasionally I dabble in other things as well. Some are very close replicas of originals that I have documented in collections and museums.

My goal is to create objects that will help you understand the past when you look at them and hold them in your hands.

If you have any questions about my work please contact me at: 

The Process

As a basis for almost all my projects I use drawings and pictures of historical artifacts. Often it is objects that I have documented at museums or collections by handling them, carefully tracing them and measuring them.

When recreating the artifacts I mainly use traditional tools and technics such as forging, wood carving, grinding, hand polishing and casting, but also modern techniques like 3d-scanning, modeling and printing. 

This variety of processes lets me create something that will be very close to the  originals. 

I often try to find new and interesting ways of working, like using using 3d prints of the originals for reference in the workshop when I am working. This helps me understand not only the basic measurements of the objects, but also their volume in a much more intimate way than just drawings. 

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