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This is an reconstruction of a knife found in the Oseberg ship grave from the early 9th century. It was found together with kitchen appliances and has probably been used to make food.

This is very close to the original with the only difference being that the blade is a bit wider and longer to show how the knife would have looked new as well as the choice of wood in the grip. I am not sure what kind of wood that where in the original grip, but it was not masure birch. 

The back of the blade is wrought iron and the edge is made from blister steel that I made with Jim Austin a couple of years ago. The two pieces where stacked on top of each other and forge welded together, as where the case with many originals. 

As a basis for the reconstruction I used a 3d model of the original scanned by the Viking Shop Museum in Oslo, Norway. 

A super informative way of working with originals as you basically can have it right there by your side while you are working. 

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