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This is a replica of INGELRII sword now at the Museum of London which I documented back in 2014. The hilt is made by my self and the blade is made by Jeff Helmes and the sword is mostly within 0.5mm of the original.

The hilt is made from iron with a tinned surface together with a grip made of whale bone with some simple patterns based on a surviving grip from Sweden.

Underneath the tinning the original had lines cut in a cross pattern, probably to get the tin to better stick to the surface. This is something that you usually see with overlay (or koftgari) that also involves wires hammered onto the surface. When examining the sword at the museum I did not find any traces of wires, so I decied to use tin paste instead that was melted to stick to the surface. The result is similar to what you can see on the original today. 

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