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This is a reliquary made based on findings from Sem farm, outside of Hokksund, Norway found by Steffen Hansen and Daniel Iliev Ødegår with the use of metal detectors in 2013 and 2014. 

The three pieces is thought to have been from an Irish reliquary and this is an attempt to see how it could have looked when it was new. 

There are only 12 surviving reliquaries of this type which 3 of them are from Norway. This version if draws inspiration from a couple of them to create something "that could have been". 


It has a wooden core with bronze fittings. The frame is casted in two pieces, one front and one back with "fake" corners so it looks like it is made out of more pieces, which can be seen on a couple of the originals. The front is bronze plated with tin creating a almost mirror like finish. 

It is fairly small at only 13x10x6.5 cm. 


It is made for Øvre Eiker Kommune and will be on display at  Veien Kulturminnepark in 2022 and Vestfossen Kunstlaberatorium in 2023.


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