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This migration era sword is based on a couple of different originals and smaller finds and the goal was to create something that looks and feels realistic when holding it in your hand. The main inspiration is the trapezoid shaped rings on the upper and lower part of the grip which where found with metal detectors by Sem farm, outside of Hokksund, Norway. 

The rest of the sword is inspired by different findings from the same period from Vendel, Valsgärde and Gotland in Sweden. 


The main part of the hilt is made from cast bronze that has been gilded. The plates that are sandwiched in the upper and lower guard is made of steel with silver inlays. The rivets that hold the pieces together is made out of silver. 

It is made for Øvre Eiker Kommune and will be on display at  Veien Kulturminnepark in 2022 and Vestfossen Kunstlaberatorium in 2023.

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